For nearly 25 years, our customers have relied on the expertise and experience of our workforce and our sophisticated equipment to obtain high quality commercial furniture.

Our multidisciplinary team of 30 specialists, including estimators, designers, carpenters, painters, assemblers, and installers ensures the completion of each stage of the manufacturing process.

Our factory houses all the services needed to design custom furniture, including:

  • technical drawing services;
  • two CNC machining centers;
  • cabinetry department;
  • painting department;
  • glazing department;
  • electromechanical department.

Our development techniques and the flexibility of the software we use ensure the efficiency and reliability of production. For example, we use the Microvellum software to automate manufacturing processes, which helps us to avoid errors and reduce delays.

We also maintain strict quality control in constructing kiosks and boutiques and in testing each component.